New Update on U Wouldnt Dare

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When Tucking his ward Kat into bed Kyle discovers that she has been skipping English Class.

What should he do with her?

That’s right. You guessed it…


Idaho Trip

Just came back from visiting a good friend inIdaho!!! I had a great time and I also had some spanking fun!!!  Here are some video of us in a pub:

Play Video Public Spanking in Idaho

Play Video Public Spanking in Idaho

As you can see, I am not shy and neither is she!!

Enjoy the Pictures and Video!!

Maybe next trip my Daddy (Sir Christopher Robin) can come and we both can spank naughty girls..

Maybe next trip my Daddy (Sir Christopher Robin) can come and we both can spank naughty girls..

Offering a helping to anyone in the lake!

My First Skydiving Adventure!!

     The other day I actually jumped out of a plane!!! It was almost as scary as anticipating a good hard spanking from Dad, and I felt just as wonderful afterwards. Here is a short video of me flying through the air.

"Sky Diving is One of a Kind"


Now see that dude with me? He was the so called sky diving companion that you get when you do this. He was really cute and I really liked being tied to him.

To see the Video of my Sky Diving Adventure click on this link.

I am making a little commitment to finally start my updating my Blog

The Look of Elegance

   Well for those who do not know me, my name is obviously Cameron Dawn and I have a Passion about Spanking. I want to share with you my thoughts and feelings about it. I am spanked fairly regularly, for real misbehavior, and if you come back often I can tell you all about it. You can, of course, see more of me on my site, but here I will tell you about my life, my love of spanking, and what I get up to!!!